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CG Courses and Instructors

CG Courses and Instructors

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CG Courses and Instructors


Students learn how to use the main components of computer hardware and learn the
fundamentals of Windows.  The main topics are:
  • Mouse control
  • Managing Windows
  • Text editing
  • Simple Email and Web Browsing


The course is designed for students who completed "Starter", or have equivalent skills, and want to expand
their knowledge of Windows and more complex Email functions.

Word Processing

Classes in MS Word are offered which focus on document handling, advanced text formatting, and introducing
graphic elements into documents.

Desktop Publishing

Students create graphic documents, such as greeting cards, posters, signs, address labels,
business cards, letterheads with graphics, color and special formats.

Spread Sheets

MS Excel is used to show how to organize material in rows and columns for accounting, to track investments,
maintain membership lists and compile inventories.

Photo Editing and Albums

Students adjust the appearance of photos by changing darkness, color, correcting flaws, cropping,
and working with portions of the image.  They create albums with multiple pictures on a page.


Instruction in the design of single slides and slide shows is taught.  It includes
importing pre-designed art and inserting original art work into slides.

Burning CDs

All of the Lab computers have drives for creating CDs or DVDs.  These can be used to create or to copy data, photo,
music or video disk.  Class documentation includes step-by-step instructions for using the CD/DVD burners.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is the language used to create Web pages.  Students learn the language and create their own personal page.

Windows 7 Operating System

We explore features of the Windows 7 Operating System including the Control Panel, installing and
configuring programs, managing devices and backing up the system.

Windows 10 Operating System

We explore features of the Windows 10 Operating System including the Start screen, tiles,
apps, the Desktop, files and folders, and accounts and profiles.

To view or download teaching materials click here or on the Docs tab.

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