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Crestview Computer Lab Pictures.
Lab Computers
Lab Computers
Lab Computers

Lab Equipment:

Lab Computer The Lab has 7 Internet enabled computers.
Computer Group Lab Access
for Residents with Disabilities

In an effort to assure the safety of those using the Lab and protect the Lab equipment, we reviewed our Lab access policy with the Director of Resident Life.

The Lab can accommodate residents who need wheelchairs, walkers or canes to access it without any restrictions.  Except for specific locations, power chairs cannot function safely in the Lab.  Upon entering the Lab, residents using power chairs should immediately turn right, and use the computer on the end table labeled Power Chairs Station.

Do not take power chairs past the first table by the door.

If you are using the Power Chair Station computer and not in need of a power chair, please release the computer when a power chair user enters the Lab.

If this does not meet your needs, we will work with you and try to find alternative arrangements.

Computer Group Leadership
Seven computers are networked to a printer.
One computer is equipped with a scanner.
A Lexar
Multi-Card 25-in-1
Media Reader supports
most popular card formats.
It can access digital data
created by cameras, MP3
players, mobile phones
and other devices,
which can then be processed
by other applications.
One computer is equipped with an overhead Projector.
Seven computers are configured for Skype video communication.

Operating Systems:

Windows 10 is installed on all 7 computers.


The Lab Library supplements the course instruction for members learning to use computers.  Cataloged reference materials are to be used on-site only.

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