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- - - Table of Contents - - -
  1. Computer Group Orientation 11. Photo Editing and Albums
  2. Starter Lessons 12. Web Page Design (HTML)
  3. ==>> Starter Resources 13. ==>> Web Page Design (HTML) Resources
  4. CG Intermediate Course Description 14. Windows 7 Operating System
  5. Intermediate Lessons 15. Windows 10 Operating System
  6. Word Processing Class 16. Skype for Windows
  7. ==>> Word Processing Class Resources 17. Bylaws
  8. Desktop Publishing Class 18. CG Class Schedule
  9. Spreadsheet Class Lessons 19. Enroll Now in Computer Group Classes
10. ==>> Spreadsheet Class Resources 20. CG Newsletter 2017-2018

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You may use the instruction materials and other information on this web site without charge or restriction for enhancing your computer skills or those of others.

The materials are designed primarily for use with Windows 7.
Some of the lesson documents are highly formatted.  If they do not display properly in your word processor, use the Copy and Paste Special commands to transfer them to a blank document as unformatted text.
The Computer Group or authors of these materials assume no responsibility for any damages or liabilities that you may incur in the use of the materials or any other information presented here.

Computer Group Orientation

Exercise #1 Solitaire
Exercise #2 Keyboard
Exercise #3 Text Editing and Desktop
Exercise #4 Creating a New MS Word Document
Exercise #5 (Gmail) Create an Email Account
Exercise #6 (Gmail) Read, Send, Print Email
Exercise #7 (Gmail) Address Book and Attachments
Exercise #8 Search the Web for Information

Starter Resources

To use the Resource files below with the Starter and Intermediate class lessons make a new folder called Resource on your Desktop.  To do that perform the following steps:
1 RIGHT click on an empty space on the Desktop
2 Point to New
3 Click on Folder and type Resource
4 Download the 7 files below to that folder.


Review Required Computer Knowledge At Start of Intermediate Course
Exercise #1 Create Documents, Copy and Paste Text, Print Documents
Exercise #2 Files and Folders - Name & Rename, Open & Run Them, Show File Extensions
Exercise #3 Work with a document and save it to a flash drive and to Documents
Exercise #4 Personal Folder, Copy, Move, Delete Documents
Exercise #5 Start Button Functions, Search, Find and Run
Exercise #6 Send and Save eMail Attachments
Exercise #7 Final Review (Lessons 1 through 6)
Exercise #8 Learn What Computers Do
Reference Sheet For Important Tasks, Hints for Home Computers (Windows 7 / 10)
PowerPoint Introduction

Word Processing Class

MS Word 2016

Exercise #1 Open and Edit Docs, Quick Access Tool Bar, Ribbon, Word Screen, File Extensions
Exercise #2 Create Folders and Docs, Save and Print Docs
Exercise #3 Select Text, Insert, Delete, Copy, Paste, Work with Two Open Docs, Save in Different Formats
Exercise #4 Design Letterheads, Undo/Redo, Format Paragraphs and Text, Fonts, Colors, Multiple Columns, Bullets or Numbering
Exercise #5 Margins, Tabs, Text Justification, Find and Replace, Graphics Effects, Insert Symbols and Characters, Borders, Proofing
Exercise #6 Tables, Address Lists, Insert Pictures, Headers and Footers

Word Processing Class Resources


Desktop Publishing Class

Lesson #1 Making a Business Card
Lesson #2 Stationery
Lesson #3 Making a Sign
Lesson #4 Making a Greeting Card
Lesson #5 & #5A Making a Sign Part #2
Lesson #5B Adding Headlines to Projects
Lesson #6 Return Address Labels
Lesson #7 Creating Envelopes
Lesson #8 Scanning Images into Print Shop

Spreadsheet Class

Lesson #1 Spreadsheet definition, Formulas, Encryption
Lesson #2 Manage a Spreadsheet, Data Types
Lesson #3 Computations, Editing and Charts
Lesson #4 Merge Cells, Undo/Redo, Formats
Lesson #5 Edit Spreadsheets, Search
Lesson #6 Relative and Absolute Cell References, Freeze Panes
Lesson #7 Lists, Sorts, Logic Tests

Photo Editing and Albums

Web Page Design - Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Class

Lesson #1 Introduction to the 1stPage Program & Tags
    Exercise #1
Lesson #2 Demonstrate the Capabilities of the 1stPage Program
    Exercise #2 (doc)
    Exercise #2a (txt)
    Exercise #2a (htm)
Lesson #3 Creating Tables
    Exercise #3
Lesson #4 Using Image & Anchor Tags and Colors
    Exercise #4
Lesson #5 Tagging Your Personal Web Page
Lesson #6 Final Tagging of Your Personal Web Page

Windows 7 Operating System

Lesson #1 Computer Terms and Definitions
Lesson #2 My Computer?
Lesson #3 Backing Up Your Computer
Lesson #4 Accounts - Profiles - Program Shortcuts
Lesson #5 Removing & Installing Programs
Lesson #6 What's Installed and Running?
Lesson #7 Device Drivers - Troubleshooting Hardware
Lesson #8 Configure and Secure Windows

Windows 10 Operating System

Lesson #1 Computer Terms and Definitions
Lesson #2 Start & Apps List
Lesson #3 Desktop
Lesson #4 Files, Folders, Libs, Cloud, Snap and OneDrive
Lesson #5 Apps, Programs, Files and File Extensions
Lesson #6 Windows Store & Desktop Programs
Lesson #7 Accounts and Profiles

Skype for Windows

Bylaws Computer Group Newsletter Computer Group - Class Schedule

CG Courses and Instructors

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