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Read This If You Click On a Document in
the Resource Library and Nothing Happens

Section A

To display documents in the "www.oakcg.org" Resource Library with a file extension of ".doc" requires Microsoft Word or OpenOffice software.  If you haven't purchased Microsoft Word then you can download the free version of OpenOffice software from web site:


If you have Microsoft Word or OpenOffice loaded and you still cannot display a ".doc" file then please proceed to "Section B" below.

Section B

The documents in the “www.oakcg.org” Resource Library will only display if your Internet Explorer (IE) is setup correctly. If your IE options are set to block pop-ups you may have problems displaying documents in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

Follow these instructions to display your documents:
Step # Commands
1    Start Internet Explorer (IE)
2    Left click on the Tools menu
3    Left click on Internet Options
4    Left click on the Privacy tab
5    Move the slider bar to a Medium setting
6    Place a check mark inside the “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” box.
7    Left click on the Settings button
8    Look at the list of web sites inside the “Allowed sites” box. Do you see www.oakcg.org or http://www.oakcg.org? If not, you should enter www.oakcg.org inside the “Address of website to allow” box and press the “Add” button. Check the “Allowed sites” box to make sure the website was added successfully.
9    Place a check mark inside the
“Show Notification bar when a pop-up is blocked” box.
10    Left click on the Close button
11    Left click on the OK button on the Privacy tab
12    Close all Internet Explorer web pages.
13    Restart Internet Explorer (IE)
14    Go to web page http://www.oakcg.org/Pg!Library.htm
15    Try to read the documents again using Internet Explorer. If you still can't view the documents you have 2 choices as follows:
  1. Hover the mouse over the document link. Right click the mouse and left click on "Save target as". Save the document to a folder on your hard drive. Can you open the document you just saved? If you can, you're done, if not try item 15.b.

  2. If you still can't display the documents please try opening the documents using the Firefox browser.
    A free copy of the Firefox browser is available at site:
16    If you still can't view the documents please send an email to Jim Harris at jharris1502@gmail.com and describe your problem.