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Computer Owners' Forum (COF) --- Program History

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This section contains items saved for COF members.
  1. Google released a new trial version of Gmail
    in April 2018.  In October 2018, the new version became mandatory.

          For more info:

  2. Gmail Login:

    When you log on to Gmail, do you need to enter your password each time?  Do you want to say logged on?
         (This item was covered on 05/16/16)

  3. Gmail Home Page:

    When you start "Internet Explorer" or "Chrome", does the Yahoo screen open up when you really wanted your Gmail page to open first?
         (This item was covered on 05/16/16)

    How to change your "Home Page"?


  4. Internet Explorer:

    When you start "Internet Explorer", is the top of the screen cluttered with unwanted toolbars?
         (This item was covered on 05/16/16)

  5. Dropbox (Cloud Storage):
         (This item was covered on 09/19/16)

  6. Files & Folders:
    The difference between "Save" files & "Save As" files.
         (This item was covered on 10/17/16)

  7. Cache:
    What is Browser "Cache" (pronounced CASH)?
         (This item was covered on 10/17/16)

          For more info about:

  8. File extensions:
    Why are they important and how to display them.
         (This item was covered on 11/21/16)

          How to Show File Extensions?


  9. Opening Zip (compressed) files.
         (This item was covered on 11/21/16)

  10. Finding a Lost Cursor:
    Did you ever bump your mouse and the cursor moved to a place where you couldn't find it?
         (This item was covered on 11/21/16)

          For more info about
                                      finding a Lost Cursor:

  11. What is the difference between
          "Google Search" & "Google Chrome"?
         (This item was covered on 11/21/16)

          For more info:

  12. Malwarebytes: what is it and how to use it.
         (This item was covered on 02/20/17)

          For more info:

  13. How to back-up Files & Folders to a flash drive or an external drive.
         (This item was covered on 03/20/17)

          For more info:

  14. Exporting and Importing browser favorites from IE to Google Chrome and Edge.  Save your Favorites prior to buying a new computer system.
         (This item was covered on 04/17/17)

          For more info:

  15. Restore Points discussion:
    How to create them and how to use them to recover your Operating System.

          For more info:

  16. How to create Gmail, Yahoo and AOL email filters to delete unwanted advertising.
         (This item was covered on 05/15/17)

          For more info:

  17. Password Management:
    Zed Hrubec discussed Password management, password recovery options and the creation of security questions.
         (This item was covered on 05/15/17)

          For more info:

  18. Windows Task Manager:

    All operating systems 7, 8.1, and 10
         (This item was covered on 04/18/16)
u Zed Hrubec discussed the Lab kiosk installations in the Crestview Computer Lab.

     (This item was covered on 01/15/18)

You can print the Kiosk instructions at the following link:

v We visited the new Computer Group web site:

     (This item was covered on 01/15/18)

oakcg.org --- Pg!CG-Menu.htm

w Jim Harris discussed the different methods to save, edit or delete your Google Chrome bookmarks.

     (This item was covered on 01/15/18)

How to manage Internet Browser favorites:

What Internet browser do you use?  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Edge or something else? 

Learn How to Manage Internet Favorites and Bookmarks
x Charles Williamson's write-up about how to get rid of
Windows 7 or Windows 10 pop-up ads can be found at the Computer Group web site:


y Zed Hrubec discussed:
   Google Drive, Photos, Backup and Sync.

     (This item was covered on 11/19/18)

Google Drive, Backup and Sync

Google Photos
z Jim Harris discussed the "Gmail User Guide".

     (This item was covered on 11/19/18)

Gmail User Guide
  Suggested items of interest for future COF meetings:
1 Editing Photos
2 Opera - Virtual Private Network software

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