System Acceptance Test Plan for CARAT Scope Identification This document is the System Acceptance Test (SAT) Plan for the Congestion Avoidance and Reduction for Automobiles and Trucks (CARAT) Traffic Management System (TMS) of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Purpose The purpose of this document is to specify the plan for performing the CARAT System Acceptance Test which will formally verify the CARAT system. Scope This test plan applies to the overall system and relates to system-level tests to verify compliance with project functional requirements. The Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT) is part of the subsystem tests. Some levels of unit testing, subassembly testing, and subsystem testing may be completed and documented separately. This plan provides: Description of the test environment Description of text baseline management Definition of general test requirements Definition of levels of tests Definition of test classes Definition of qualification methods Sample of items that will be provided in the System Acceptance Test Procedure document: Test description Test definition (procedures) Requirements verification matrix NCDOT Relationships to the SAT NCDOT has the contractual right to observe all aspects of informal and formal CARAT testing in the ATSC ITS lab, the ATSC CARAT lab, and the TOC. NCDOT has the contractual responsibility to be present during the HCT and SAT in order to officially verify that the CARAT system meets all requirements. System Overview CARAT will provide the infrastructure required to accomplish not only the CARAT goals but also the NCDOT long-term goals. This infrastructure will include the systems and services to support the planning and execution of the CARAT mission operations in addition to providing a platform for future expansion and improvement. To accomplish this goal, the following requirements must be satisfied: The design must specify open and expandable modular architectures and utilize COTS products to the maximum extent. Standards-based COTS components will reduce the risk and cost of development and test, and allow the insertion of new technology for future applications. A proven operations engineering process must be established with the participation of the CARAT systems engineering organization. Document Overview This document is organized in the following manner: Section 1 describes the document purpose and scope Section 2 describes any referenced documents Section 3 describes the test environment Section 4 describes test baseline management Section 5 describes the general test provisions Section 6 describes data recording, reduction and analysis Section 7 describes the System Acceptance Test Procedure document. Section 8 describes the System Acceptance Test Report document. Section 9 provides a description of baseline management forms Section 10 provides an acronym list This document presents the SAT plan. SAT procedures are documented in the System Acceptance Tests Procedures. SAT test results are documented in the System Acceptance Test Report. This plan complies with the configuration management and quality assurance provisions of the Software Project Management Plan for the CARAT System. Return to Top of Page