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The Kiosk Desktop
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Monday of the
Month, 10:30 AM
VS Music Room
Other Meetings:
Computer Owners Forum:
3rd Monday of Month
1:30 PM
Erickson Hall
Practice Session:
Every Tuesday,
Crestview Lab
7:00 - 8:00 PM
Android Tablet Clinic:
By appointment
Carol Hagan,



* Because of his health,
Brooks Hubbert will not teach the Starter Course in September 2018, but hopes to resume teaching in January.
Course Name Contact Name Phone Number
Intermediate (*) Doris Gollenberg
Pauline Doda
Word Processing Carol Hagan 410-870-2420
Windows 10 Operating System Charles Williamson 410-882-0489
Spread Sheets Zed Hrubec 410-882-5733
PowerPoint Zed Hrubec 410-882-5733
Graphics, Photo Editing Richard Schwendler 443-425-3473
Web Page Design (HTML) Jim Harris 410-382-1372
Windows 7 Operating System Zed Hrubec 410-882-5733
Android Tablet Clinic Carol Hagan 410-870-2420

Kiosk Computers in the Lab
Over the years, we set up the computers in the Crestview Lab for use in our courses.  When we upgraded the eight Lenovo computers to Windows 10, it became very time consuming to keep them in a working state.  We could not invest the effort needed for this task.  We requested the Erickson IT staff to take over their maintenance.  IT offered to provide us very capable computers configured as the kiosk computers accessible throughout Oak Crest in classrooms and meeting rooms, but very different from those we had configured.

First we needed to decide if we should accept kiosk computers with Windows 7 late in the summer, or postpone the conversion until December, when kiosks with Windows 10 would become available.  We postponed the change and taught our September 2017 classes on the old computers.  IT installed the kiosks in December.  We asked IT to make some changes in the previous Windows 7 kiosk desktop and we revised all of our course lessons for the new Windows 10 configuration.  Finally, we needed to inform our members of the change and instruct them in the use of the new equipment.   We met all these challenges.  Jim Harris emailed instructions on the use of the new equipment to our members and posted them on our website.  He, Charles Williamson and Zed Hrubec reviewed the new setup at the Computer Owners Forum (COF).  Charles Williamson conducted several tutorial sessions.  Summary instructions are posted with the computers.  Jim modified our website to give us easy access to sites not readily accessible through the new desktop.
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The kiosk computers have been well received.  They boot up fast, have large clear screens and respond fast in browsing.

We raffled off five of the eight old Lenovo computers and seven of the eight HP 6940 printers.  Richard Schwendler is using two of the computers to explore networking using Ubuntu Linux (see below).  One of the computers that we used to teach Operating Systems failed and we used another of the Lenovo to replace it.  The remaining HP 6040 printer was sent to recycling.

Richard Schwendler set up two of the old Lenovo computers and a miniature Raspberry Pi computer as a network in the Lab.  One of the Lenovos functions as a server, the other is a connected client, both running Ubuntu Linux18.04.  The Raspberry is the other connected client running a lite Ubuntu 16.04.  It can be used for Internet browsing, programming, MS Office documents and games.  The Lenovo client has several browsers.  It supports Wine, software that enables the computer to run Windows programs, and it has various other software.  The Raspberry Pi is a very inexpensive device for web browsing and basic computer functions.  The three computers provide a demonstration of the Ubuntu operating system for those who want to convert from Windows to the free, open source, Ubuntu software.
Simplified instructions for using the Kiosk computers.
»  Do not turn them off.
»  To start working, click a mouse button or press a keyboard key.
»  Use a flash drive to store your work or downloaded material.  There is no persistent storage.
     Anything you do will be gone on restart.
»  When finished, to clear out any information from your session, such as account numbers,
     credit card numbers, or identification:

» Click on Start ( Start Button Icon)
» Click on the Power Button ( Power Button Icon)
» In the pop up, click on Restart.
»  When printing WAIT for the output.  The printer may be slow in responding.

You make this organization function!
We are most grateful to the teachers and other volunteers who make it possible for us to carry on the Computer Group's (CG's) program, including computer instruction.  Pauline Doda, Carol Hagan, Zed Hrubec, Brooks Hubbert, Marylynn Roberts, Richard Schwendler and Charles Williamson all shared their expertise with their students.  Also, several of you have helped much to manage our program, particularly Jim Harris who takes care of our web page and Charles Williamson who is in charge of the Computer Owners Forum.
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In that respect we had some saddening losses.  Evelyn McGreal, our PowerPoint teacher and a lively participant in our Monday morning meetings passed away.  She provided much other support to the program.  We lost Robert McKeever, who enlivened our meetings by challenging us to simplify our presentations.  We regret that Marylynn Roberts had to stop teaching the Intermediate course because of health limitations.

Your Money
We started our "Year" on 09/01/2017 with $3629.84 in our savings account.  We collected $355.00 dues and fees, $1.67 as interest, and $55.00 as donations for help with computers by our members, for a total of $411.67.  We spent $297.45.  Of that $166.36 was for printer ink, $38.14 for paper, $10.20 VGA adapter, $37.76 for Internet hosting for our website, and $44.99 for a Windows 10 installation DVD.  Our ending balance was $3744.06.  In addition, we hold certificates of deposit for the total amount of $3000.00.
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Our Bylaws direct us to review membership dues at the last meeting of the year, before the summer break.  With the Erickson IT assuming responsibility for the Lab computers and the printer we expect our expenses to be much reduced.  At the Business and Discussion meeting on 6/25/2018 we voted to reduce the life time membership dues to $10.00.

We wish you much happy computing during 2018 - 2019
and hope to see you in the Lab and at our meetings.
Next Computer Group Meeting:
VS Music Room, 9/10/2018, 10:30 AM
Next Computer Owners Forum Meeting:
Crestview Hall, 9/17/2018, 1:30 PM

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