Windows 7

Always Show Menus

Show Hidden Files and Folders

Show Extensions for Known File Types


After you install the operating system, you need to configure it so that your computer is more easily used, maintained, and secured.  Some changes to the default settings of the computer are essential if you are to understand what it is doing.

Folder Display Options:

You need to change three Windows defaults in order to understand how programs work and files are used.  After installation, Windows is set to hide file extensions and menus and to not display “hidden” folders.  You want to modify these settings to display this information.


You need to do this on your home computer:


Left click on Start.


Left click on Control Panel.


Make sure the Control Panel shows
“View by: Small icons”
in the top right corner of the screen.


Left click on Folder Options.


Left click on the View Tab.


Left click in the box next to
Always show menus
to place a checkmark there.


Left click in the circle next to
Show hidden files, folders and drives
to place a dot there.


Remove the check mark in the box next to
Hide extensions for known file types
by left clicking inside the box.


Left click the
button at the bottom of the screen.