How To Find What Windows XP Service Pack is Installed



Because Windows XP, Service Pack 3, All Editions, Extended Support
Ends April 8, 2014, you must make sure your Windows XP computer
has Service Pack 3 installed before that date.


Follow the steps below to find out what Windows XP service pack you have installed:


1)    Left click on “Start” and then “Control Panel”.

2)    Left click on the “Performance and Maintenance” link.

3)    Note: If you are viewing the “Classic View” of Control Panel, you will not
see this link. Simply double-click on the “System” icon and proceed to Step 5.

4)    In the “Performance and Maintenance” window, click on the
System” Control Panel icon at the bottom of the window.

5)    When the “System Properties” window opens, it should default to the
General” tab.  If not, choose it manually.

6)    In the “System” area of the “General” tab, you will find the operating system
version and the service pack level.  See the screen shot below for an idea of
what you are looking for.

7)    The “System Properties” window:


8)    Note: If you don’t have any service pack installed, you won’t see
"Service Pack 0" or "Service Pack None"
there will be no reference to a service pack at all.

9)    The latest Windows XP service pack is Service Pack 3 (SP3).

10)           If you only have SP1 or SP2 installed, I highly recommend that you
install Windows XP SP3 immediately, either via Windows Update or
manually by going directly to Microsoft.

11)           Important: If you have no Windows XP service pack installed at all,
I recommend you call 1-800-677-0211 for Erickson Computer support
and ask for help in updating your computer and checking for other
potential performance problems.