The December 2015 Knowledge and Interest Survey Results for
Computer Owners' Forum Attendees Who Are Not Members of the Computer Group
We thank all those who completed and returned the survey forms.  Your replies indicate what computer topics respondents find of interest and how we should focus our meetings.  Of the 104 residents who received the survey 24 (23%) returned it in various stages of completion.  The responses are instructive and will help us select appropriate topics to take up at our meetings.

The 24 respondents each were asked "True", "False" and "Don't know" for 8 questions.  Of the 119 responses marked "True" or "False", 61% were correct.  Of the total 192 that could have been marked (8 x 24), 73 (38%) were either marked "Don't know" or were left blank.
What do you want to know?

Of the 192 possible suggestions to "Include" particular topics in our meetings and instruction, 93 (48%) were so marked.  The majority of the respondents suggested including the topic of Q's. 1, 2, 3 and 6 and slightly less than half of them also suggested including Q. 4 and Q, 5 (see below for wording of questions).  There were only 5 responses of "Don't care" for Q's. 4, 5 and 7, and fewer such responses for the other questions.  Except for Q. 4 and Q. 5, most of those who got the question wrong or said they did not know, suggested
including it.
The following numbers of respondents suggested including the topics specifically listed on the survey:

Email MS
Hardware Software
13 8 17 10 8 7 9
Question # Response
Everybody answered correctly:
3 Most often, once something is copied to the clipboard, it can then be pasted several times into different documents.  (True)
6 There is a way to find the hidden codes in Microsoft Word documents that affect how text is displayed.  (True)
Although all those who answered these two questions did so correctly, the nature of the responses is very different.  Q. 3 had 10 correct answers and 14 of either "Don't know" or left blank.  Q. 6 had only 4 correct answers and 20 of either "Don't know" or left blank.  Regarding Q. 6, the respondents were very clearly aware of their lack of information of this word processing topic.
Most answered correctly:
2 Usually a file extension is assigned to a file when the file is created.  (True)
7 Information stored on the hard drive is lost whenever the computer is turned off.  (False)
8 It is safe to open email attachments when the sender's address is that of a relative or a good friend.  (False)
The answers for Q. 2 were 11 right, 1 wrong, 12 "Don't know" or blank.  For Q. 7 the numbers were 22 right, 1 wrong, 1 "Don't know" or blank.  For Q. 8 the same numbers were 16, 4 and 4.  As for Q. 6 above, the results for Q. 2 do not show that the respondents knew the correct answers.  Rather, they are aware of what they do and do not know.
Not many answered correctly:
1 You can place a folder into a Word document.  (False)
4 The size of a computer's memory determines the number of documents or other information that you can store on the computer.  (False)
5 The "@" sign in every email address separates the log in name for the account from the name of the program that shows the email on your computer.  (False)
Q.1: The question was marked "Don't know" or left blank by 16 respondents and only 3 answered correctly.  In contrast, respectively for Q. 4 and Q. 5, only 1 and 5 respondents marked "Don't know" or left the item blank.  The respective responses for Q. 4 and Q. 5 were 4 and 3 correct, and 19 and 16 wrong.  Most respondents were aware of their lack of knowledge regarding the basic concepts of files and folders (Q. 1).  On the other hand, they seem quite sure of their false understandings on how data are processed and stored in the computer (Q. 4) and what happens when they connect to the internet (Q. 5).

A detailed tabulation of the counts is shown below:

 COF and Not-CG Computer Knowledge and Interest Survey
 Questions 1 to 8 - Dec. 2015
Question Right Wrong Don't
Include Don't
Q 1.  Can have folder in 'MS Word' document - False
  3 5 15 16 15 1 12
Q 2.  Extension assigned when file created - True
  11 1 11 12 14 2 8
Q 3.  Clipboard - can paste more than once - True
  10 0 12 14 15 1 9
Q 4.  Store more with more computer memory - False
  4 19 0 1 10 5 9
Q 5.  Entry after @ is installed email program - False
  3 16 5 5 10 5 10
Q 6.  You can view hidden codes in MS Word - True
  4 0 19 20 15 1 13
Q 7.  Data on Hard Drive lost when power turned off - False
  22 1 0 1 6 5 1
Q 8.  Safe to open email attachments from friends - False
  16 4 3 4 8 2 5
Total 73 46 65 73 93 22 67