COF Agenda

Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
The next COF meeting will be held on
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Crestview Station
Erickson Hall

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COF Agenda for
June 17, 2019 Meeting
Next Meeting: Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
When: Monday, June 17, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Where: Please Note Meeting Location

Crestview Station
Erickson Hall
Moderator: Charles Williamson

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We had an excellent meeting in May 2019.
   We covered the following items:
1 Jim Harris reviewed the recent End-User Survey and Computer Definition Glossary to find items of interest to COF members.  Several items were identified and will be presented during the next several COF meetings.

Our program for the June meeting will include:

Handouts will be available for most topics.  Please bring a pen or pencil with you to take notes.

1 We will collect new attendees email addresses plus anyone needing to make a change.  If you previously attended a COF meeting and didn't receive a COF Agenda for today please let us know.
2 Jim Harris will go over problems and questions from the audience.  Did someone try to scam you?  Please tell us about your experience.
3 Have you ever had a pop-up on your computer screen that you didn't understand?  Did the pop-up confuse, worry or scare you?  Did it ask you to upgrade something or spend money to fix your computer?  Did you call someone and try to explain to them what the pop-up said, but it's no longer on your screen?

It's time to ask an expert.  We will show you how to make a screen print and save it to a file.  You can print the file and show it to an expert or take it with you to the next COF meeting.

Relax, the whole process of saving and printing the
"Print Screen" is easy to do yourself.  We will have a hand-out with instructions.  If you miss the next COF meeting, the instructions will be on our web site.  You can use the "Google" search box at the top of our web site to search for

"print screen"

(Please make sure you include the double quotes around the phrase and click the Search button on the right side of the box.) <== Document currently being rewritten
4 If you have poor vision, we will show how to magnify text and pictures on your screen.
5 If you have poor vision, we will show you how to darken and make your mouse larger.  If it moves too fast across the screen, we will show how to slow down mouse movement.
6 If you would like to use Microsoft Office products similar to Excel and Word and don't want to pay for them, you can use LibreOffice instead.  LibreOffice has replaced OpenOffice and is a better replacement for MS Office.
7 Contact "1-800-677-0211" if you have a printer or Internet connection problem.
8 Please bring ideas for future COF meetings.

Please click this link to display
historical items saved for COF members.

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  Suggested items of interest for future COF meetings:
1 How to let loved ones manage passwords, sensitive data, and social media profiles after you die.
2 Data Back-Up.
3 You just saved a file, now how do you find it?
4 How to change the background color or contrast of your Desktop?
5 How to increase the picture and text size of your display?
6 How to increase the picture and text size of your Chrome display only?

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