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Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
The next COF meeting will be held on
Monday, November 18, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Crestview Station
Erickson Hall

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COF Agenda for
November 18, 2019 Meeting
Next Meeting: Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
When: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Where: Please Note Meeting Location

Crestview Station
Erickson Hall
Moderator: Charles Williamson

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We had an excellent meeting in October 2019.
   We covered the following items:
1 We covered Windows 10 and Chrome "Hot Keys",  what are they and how to use them.  Once you get familiar with them you will find them very useful.
Windows-Hot-Keys, what-are-they?
2 We reviewed the best practice for handling passwords.  How to keep records and how to keep them safe.
3 Are you thinking about buying a new computer?  We recommended features for both general and power users.

Our program for the November meeting will include:

Handouts will be available for most topics.  Please bring a pen or pencil with you to take notes.

1 To keep our contact list current, we will be accepting email addresses from new attendees, plus any email address changes from the audience.  If you previously attended a COF meeting and didn't receive a COF Agenda for today please let us know.
2 Jim Harris will go over problems and questions from the audience.  Did someone try to scam you?  Please tell us about your experience.
3 The future of COF?  Do you want COF to continue on its current path?  What subjects do you want us to cover?  Please bring ideas for future COF meetings.
4 Everybody at Oak Crest hates robocalls!  Sorry, we cannot fix that problem, but how about popups on your computer?  Come to COF to find out how to reduce the number of "nag" popups you receive.
5 We covered it before but we're going to do it again.  Make sure you know the difference between "update" and "upgrade".  One can cost you money but usually not the other.
6 Contact "Erickson Resident Computer Services" at
1-800-677-0211 if you have a printer or Internet connection problem.

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  Suggested items of interest for future COF meetings:
1 How to let loved ones manage passwords, sensitive data, and social media profiles after you die.
2 Data Back-Up.
3 You just saved a file, now how do you find it?
4 How to change the background color or contrast of your Desktop?

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