COF Agenda

Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
The next COF meeting will be held on
Monday, May 20, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Crestview Station
Erickson Hall

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COF Agenda for
May 20, 2019 Meeting
Next Meeting: Computer Owners' Forum (COF)
When: Monday, May 20, 2019 at 1:30 PM
Where: Please Note Meeting Location

Crestview Station
Erickson Hall
Moderator: Charles Williamson

We had excellent meetings in February and March, 2019.
   We covered the following items:
1 Jim Harris and Charles Williamson reviewed the following procedures:
  1. Save a Chrome Favorite (Bookmark) web page.
  2. Save a New Chrome Home Page.
  3. Save a Chrome Favorite to the Desktop as an icon.
2 Jim Harris reviewed general news items:
  1. Microsoft has announced the redesign of their
    "Edge" browser.

  2. Several new articles were added to the
    Library web site.

    To read the most recent articles, go to the
    "Library Updates" section.  There is a "Go To" link on the right side of the page near the top.

Our program for the May meeting will include:

Handouts will be available for most topics.  Please bring a pen or pencil with you to take notes.

1 We will collect new attendees email addresses plus anyone needing to make a change.  If you previously attended a COF meeting and didn't receive a COF Agenda for today please let us know.
2 Jim Harris will go over problems and questions from the audience.  Did someone try to scam you?  Please tell us about your experience.
3 Several months ago, Jim Harris conducted a survey covering topics of interest to members of the Computer Owners' Forum (COF).  This detailed survey covered many topics not previously covered.  We needed to find discussion topics that would be of major interest to our members.

The survey results will be reviewed during the meeting.  The major items to be covered are listed below:
  1. What Operating System do you use?
    Examples: Windows XP, 7, (8 or 8.1), 10 or other.

  2. What computer brand are you using?
    Examples: Dell, HP, Lenovo or other.

  3. What computer type are you using?
    Examples: Desktop, Laptop,
    All-In-One(with built-in-monitor like in the Lab)
    or other.

  4. How do you view web pages on the Internet?
    Examples: Do you use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox or another browser?

  5. How do you read your email?
    Example: Do you read email while using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or another browser?  Do you read email using another client software package like Microsoft Office Outlook or Thunderbird?

  6. What applications (apps) do you use besides email?
    Example: Do you use financial software,
    mailing labels, golf or bridge scores, something else?  Tell us what you use.

  7. Have you ever had Cliff come to your apartment to fix something?
    Example: Does he come to setup a new computer, help with a Windows update that is causing problems, fix you Internet connection, something else?  What does he do for you?

  8. Do you have a problem that you would like to discuss?

  9. Have you seen a pop-up screen you don't understand?

  10. Do you have a leftover Gmail question?

  11. What are you having trouble with?  What's difficult?
    Tell us about it so we can make plans to review it during a future COF meeting.
4 We will present a brief introduction to the:

OCV Resident Online Bill Payment System

Erickson personnel will soon begin classes for the new system.

5 Contact "1-800-677-0211" if you have a printer or Internet connection problem.
6 Please bring ideas for future COF meetings.

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historical items saved for COF members.

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  Suggested items of interest for future COF meetings:
1 Editing Photos
2 TunnelBear - Virtual Private Network software

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