The Computer Group's December 2015
Knowledge and Interest Survey
We thank all those who completed and returned the survey forms.  Through your replies we can try to find out what computer topics members find of interest, how we should focus out instruction and what topics to bring up for discussion at meetings.  Although only 36, or 17%, of our 209 members returned the survey in various stages of completion, the responses are instructive.  We will use your answers and comments to make our meetings livelier and more informative.
In summary:

For all the questions together, of all the 184 "True" or "False" responses 57% were correct.
Question # Response
Everybody answered correctly:
2 Usually a file extension is assigned to a file when the file is created.  (True)
7 Information stored on the hard drive is lost whenever the computer is turned off.  (False)
On Question 2, all of the 20 respondents answered correctly as "True" and on Question 7, all 31 answered correctly as "False".  Not included in the above counts are the 13 "Don't know" responses to Question 2 and the 3 such responses to Question 7.
Most answered correctly:
3 Most often, once something is copied to the clipboard, it can then be pasted several times into different documents.  (True)
6 There is a way to find the hidden codes in Microsoft Word documents that affect how text is displayed.  (True)
Answers were also generally correct for Question 3 (16 of 18 correct, 14 "Don't know") and Question 6 (5 of 7 correct, 26 "Don't know").
Some did and some did not answer correctly:
1 You can place a folder into a Word document.  (False)
8 It is safe to open email attachments when the sender's address is that of a relative or a good friend.  (False)
About half of the respondents answered Question 1 and Question 8 correctly.  (Question 1: 11 correct, 10 wrong, Question 8: 16 correct and 14 wrong) The number who checked that they did not know the answer was 14 for Question 1 and 2 for Question 8.  The low number of "Don't know" responses for Question 8 suggests that members have a limited appreciation of the risks associated with email.
Not many answered correctly:
4 The size of a computer's memory determines the number of documents or other information that you can store on the computer.  (False)
Question 4 was most often answered incorrectly (23 of 28 responses).  This reflects confusion regarding what computer memory does, as opposed to how disk storage is used.  Just 7 wanted to have the topic included in lessons and 5 did not care.
Nobody answered correctly:
5 The "@" sign in every email address separates the log in name for the account from the name of the program that shows the email on your computer.  (False)
No respondents answered Question 5 correctly as "False"; all 29 did so incorrectly.  Browsing the web is the most common task that our members engage in.  It seems that the respondents don't know or misunderstand what happens when they access the Internet.  Only 5 were aware that they did not know.  All of those 5 and one other suggested that the topic be included in our instruction, but 6 marked that they did not care.
What do you want to know?
On none of the questions did a majority of the respondents suggest including the topic of the question in our lessons.  But even fewer said that they did not care, except for Question 5 where 6 suggested including it and 6 did not care.  Likewise, of respondents who marked a question as "Don't know", more wanted to "Include" the item than the number who did not care.  The exception was Question 2, where 2 suggested including it and 2 did not care.
The following numbers of respondents expressed interest in learning more about the various topics listed:

Operating Systems 10
Web Browsing 13
Email 17
MS Office Apps 12
Other Apps 8
Hardware 3
Software 5

A detailed tabulation of the counts is shown below:

 Computer Knowledge and Interest Survey
 Questions 1 to 8 - Dec. 2015
  True False Don't
Include Don't
Correct replies are in red font
Q 1 False  Can have folder in MS Word document
Q 1 Totals 10 11 14 11 7 7 1
Q 2 True  Extension assigned when file created
Q 2 Totals 20 0 13 13 5 2 2
Q 3 True  Clipboard - can paste more than once
Q 3 Totals 16 2 14 12 5 5 2
Q 4 False  Store more with more computer memory
Q 4 Totals 23 5 6 7 5 1 0
Q 5 False  Entry after @ is installed email program
Q 5 Totals 29 0 5 6 6 3 0
Q 6 True  You can view hidden codes in MS Word
Q 6 Totals 5 2 26 13 6 7 5
Q 7 False  Data on Hard Drive lost when power turned off
Q 7 Totals 0 31 3 5 4 1 0
Q 8 False  Safe to open email attachments from friends
Q 8 Totals 14 16 2 9 1 2 0
Right = 104
Wrong = 80